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Francesco Pasquale Ricci (May 17, 1732 – November 7, 1817), was an Italian composer and violinist.

Ricci was born in Como. He traveled widely, and lived some time in Paris.[1] Returning to Como, he became maestro di cappella at Como Cathedral in 1759. Six quintets of his were published in London around 1770 by Peter Welcker.[2] Between 1764 and 1780 he was working in the Hague in the court orchestra of stadholder William V of Orange. There he wrote several works for the Prince and other members of the court. Ricci corrected the works of Josina van Boetzelaer, a surprising Dutch composer.[3]

He co-authored a piano method with Johann Christian Bach, Méthode ou recueil de connaissances élémentaires pour le forte-piano ou clavecin ("Method or Collection of Elementary Studies for the Forte-piano or Harsichord", 1786), Ricci providing the text and Bach the pieces.[4] Ricci died in Como in 1817.[1]


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