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Francis Smith
Born Francis Smith
(1847-06-30)30 June 1847
Freetown, Sierra Leone
Died 25 November 1912(1912-11-25) (aged 65)
London, England
Nickname Frans Smith
Occupation Puisne Judge
Language English
Nationality British Subject,
Education Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Wakefield, Middle Temple

Francis Smith, (1847–1912), was a Sierra Leonean Puisne Judge in the Gold Coast. Francis Smith was the second Sierra Leonean to qualify as a barrister after he passed the bar at Middle Temple on 26 January 1871.[1]

Early life and background[edit]

Francis Smith was born in 1847 to William Smith Jr., registrar of the Mixed Commissary Court in Freetown, and his wife, Charlotte Smith (née Macaulay).[2] William Smith was born in Cape Coast and was the son of a Fante princess and Judge William Smith Sr., (1795-1875) who served as head of the Mixed Commissary Church in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Charlotte Macaulay was born to Mary Harding, a Jamaican Maroon mother and Kenneth Macaulay, a distant relation of Lord Macaulay and second cousin to Zachary Macaulay.


Smith was educated at Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Wakefield in Yorkshire.[3] After completing his secondary education, Smith entered the Middle Temple on 10 January 1868 and was called to the bar in 1871.[4]

Judicial career[edit]

Smith rose rapidly through the judicial ranks and was appointed Chief Magistrate of the Gambia in 1879.[5] He was appointed a Puisne Judge of the Supreme Court of the Gold Coast Colony in 1887,[2] and later considered for appointment as Chief Justice.[6][7]

Family and descendants[edit]

Francis Smith was the younger brother of Dr. Robert Smith, (1840-1885), who served as Assistant Colonial Surgeon in Sierra Leone. Smith was the maternal grandfather of Frances Wright through her mother, Eva Wright (née Smith), and his great-grandson and namesake is Emile Francis Short, the first justice on the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice.

Retirement and death[edit]

At the time of his retirement in 1907, Smith was the only African serving on a superior court, and another would not be named until the 1930s.[8] He retired to England and died in London on 12 May 1912.[9][10] His achievements were recognized in glowing tributes across West Africa.[citation needed]


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