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The Francis Boyer Award was once the highest honor conferred by the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research. It was named for Francis Boyer, a chief executive at Smith, Kline & French in the mid-twentieth century and a strong supporter of AEI who died in 1972.[1] The Boyer Award was replaced in 2003 by the Irving Kristol Award.

List of recipients[edit]

Year Recipient Nationality Lecture title
1977 Gerald R. Ford  American "Toward a Healthy Economy"
1978 Arthur F. Burns  Austro-Hungarian
"The Condition of the American Economy"
1979 Paul Johnson  British "The Things That Are Not Caesar's"
1980 William J. Baroody Sr.  American Award given posthumously
1981 Henry Kissinger  German
"The Realities of Security"
1982 Hanna Holborn Gray  American "The Higher Learning and the New Consumerism"
1983 Alan Walters  British "The British Renaissance, 1979-?"
1984 Robert H. Bork  American "Tradition and Morality in Constitutional Law"
1985 Jeane J. Kirkpatrick  American "The United States and the World: Setting Limits"
1986 David Packard  American "Management of America's National Defense"
1987 Paul A. Volcker  American "Public Service: The Quiet Crisis"
1988 Ronald Reagan  American "Freedom and Vigilance"
1989 Antonin Scalia  American
1990 Thomas Sowell  American "Cultural Diversity: A World View"
1991 Irving Kristol  American "The Capitalist Future"
1993 Dick Cheney  American "Getting Our Priorities Right"
1994 Carlos Salinas de Gortari  Mexican
1995 George F. Will  American "The Cultural Contradictions of Conservatism"
1996 Alan Greenspan  American "The Challenge of Central Banking in a Democratic Society"
1997 James Q. Wilson  American "Two Nations"
1999 Michael Novak  American "God's Country: Taking the Declaration Seriously"
2000 Christopher DeMuth  American "After the Ascent: Politics and Government in the Super-Affluent Society"
2001 Clarence Thomas  American "Be Not Afraid"
2002 Norman Podhoretz  American "America at War: The One Thing Needful"

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