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Francis J. Dewes (1845–????) was a Chicago brewer and millionaire. Born in Prussia, he was the son of a brewer and member of the German parliament. Francis Dewes emigrated to the United States of America in 1868 and settled in Chicago. There he found employment as a bookkeeper for established brewing companies such as Rehm and Bartholomae and the Busch and Brand Brewing Company. After rising through the ranks, he founded his own successful brewing firm in 1882.

In 1896, Adolph Cudell and Arthur Hercz built a German baroque mansion for him at 503 West Wrightwood Avenue in Lincoln Park, Chicago, that became the Chicago landmark Francis J. Dewes House.[1] His brother August Dewes had the house next door at number 509 built in a similar style.[2]

Francis Dewes also donated the ten-foot-tall sculpture of Alexander von Humboldt, which was sculpted by Felix Gorling, that stands in Humboldt Park.