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Francis George Rayer T.Eng.(CEI). Assoc.IERE (1921-1981) was a British science fiction writer and technical journalist.

He was born at Longdon, Worcestershire, England on 6 June 1921. He was the second son of a farmer, and began his science writing after suffering a heart attack at a young age.

He admired the writing of Olaf Stapledon, author of influential works of science fiction.

As a writer, he might be best known for his series, Magnus Mensis, which was published in New Worlds from 1950 to 1961. Rayer was largely associated with the John Carnell era of New Worlds science fiction magazine.[1] Rayer sometimes published under the pseudonyms of Chester Delray and George Longdon. His work was largely criticized by New Wave science fiction writers.

From about 1960, he specialized in nonfiction and when Michael Moorcock became editor of New Worlds Rayer largely switched to nonfiction writing. Rayer's fiction has since mostly fallen out of popularity.[2]

As a technical journalist, he specialized in radio and electronics and designed electronic equipment. Rayer wrote many articles for the British magazine Practical Wireless.

He held an amateur radio licence ( G30GR ), and wrote technical books and numerous articles under the name F.G. Rayer. Rayer often provided illustrations and diagrams for these.

Rayer was able to buy a cottage from his writing, married a teacher named Elizabeth, and had two children. He also learned Esperanto. He died 11 July 1981 at Upton-upon-Severn, Worcestershire.

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