Francis García

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Born April 6, 1958
Campeche, Campeche, Mexico
Died October 10, 2007(2007-10-10) (aged 49)
Mexico City, Mexico

Francis García (born José Francisco García Escalante on April 6, 1958 – October 10, 2007) and known by the artistic name "Francis" was a Mexican transvestite who was a famous actor, female impersonator and stage costume designer.


Born in Campeche, Campeche as Francisco Garcia Escalante, He first gained attention as a dancer in vedette shows, held at the famous "Blanquita" theater, some of which included a transvestites' ballet. His first mainstream breakthrough was in the said theater during the casting for a movie called "Bellas de noche" (1975) where he was given a role, resulting in him later getting his own show at the Blanquita called "Francis, la fantasia hecha mujer" ( Francis, fantasy becomes a woman ) which successfully ran for 17 years, he also performed in Los Angeles at the theater "Los Pinos", which was the home of his touring shows. He was an actor, comedian, singer, lip-syncher and choreographer/dancer.

During his theater and T.V. shows, he impersonated famous Latin female singers such as Colombian Shakira, Spaniard Rocío Dúrcal and Mexicans Gloria Trevi, Alejandra Guzmán, and Lupita D'Alessio as well as doing stand up comedy and Vegas style dancing numbers.

Fashion designer Mitzi, a long-time friend, credits Garcia with helping him during his time of need and aiding to start his design empire.

He was a beloved public personality in Mexican showbiz and appeared in several movies, telenovelas, variety shows and broadcasts of his theater comedy shows, most notable was his stage persona as a female impersonator during a time when Mexican society was very close-minded and homosexuality was considered a minor crime, he was the first openly gay celebrity in the country and a passionate activist for equality and human and gay rights till his death. During his lifetime he was relentlessly questioned if he ever wanted to surgically become a woman, which he vehemently denied quoting religious beliefs and jokingly expressing that in today's society, he'd rather get surgery to make his penis bigger, as women are more popular with "something extra" down there...

He never had feminisation surgeries, he did however have rhinoplasty to help him achieve his famed Lupita D'Alessio characterization which was highly acclaimed.


Garcia died of a lung thrombosis in a Mexico City hospital on October 10, 2007. He was 49 years old.