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Francis Gymnasium, Washington University in St. Louis, April 2018
1904 Olympics. Francis Gymnasium can be seen in the background.

Francis Gymnasium is a building at Washington University in St. Louis, currently used by the university's athletics department. It is located in St. Louis County, Missouri, on the far western edge of the university's Danforth Campus. Constructed in 1903, it was built in time for the 1904 World's Fair and was used as the main indoor venue for the 1904 Summer Olympics.[1] During the Olympics, it hosted the boxing and fencing events.[2]

The building was turned over to the Washington University Athletics Department following the Olympics. In the early 1920s, a field house and a swimming pool were constructed adjacent to Francis Gym; in 1985, a major renovation connected Francis Gym and the renovated field house with additional facilities and recreation space, and replaced the small 1920s pool with the Olympic-sized Millstone Pool as part of the same complex.[1] It is included in the Washington University Hilltop Campus Historic District.


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