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Francis Kerril Amherst, T.O.S.D.,(21 March 1819, London – 21 August 1883) was an English Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Northampton in England. He was the eldest son of William Kerril Amherst, of Little Parndon, Essex, and of Mary Louisa Turville-Fortescue, of Bosworth Hall, Leicestershire. One or both of his parents hailed from recusant families.

Amherst was sent to study at Oscott College in 1830 with the intention of preparing for the Catholic priesthood, but after completing his studies, he left with no intention of pursuing this religious vocation. He returned to Oscott, however, in 1841, to do theological studies and was ordained a priest by Cardinal Nicholas Wiseman on 6 June 1846. Shortly after, he joined the Third Order of Saint Dominic. He returned to Oscott once more, in 1855, as a professor.

After eleven months in this position Amherst was appointed to the mission of Stafford. After the resignation of Bishop William Wareing of Northampton, he was named by the Holy See to head that diocese. He was consecrated 4 July 1858 and was honored with an appointment as an Assistant at the Pontifical Throne on 8 June 1862. He resigned his see in 1879, owing to ill health, and the following year was given the Titular See of Sozusa.

Amherst died at his residence, Fieldgate, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, on 21 August 1883, aged 64.[1]


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