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Francis Lascelles (Frank) Jardine (28 August 1841 – 1919) was an Australian pioneer associated with the exploration and settlement of Far North Queensland.

In 1864 Jardine, with his younger brother Alexander William Jardine, travelled 1200 miles from Rockhampton to Somerset on the Cape York Peninsula, at the time his father John's cattle station. They started with 42 horses and 250 head of cattle. The trip took 10 months during which time the party was constantly opposed by the area's inhabitants as they forced their way through scrub and swamps and crossed at least six large rivers, including the Jardine River which was subsequently named after him. They reached Somerset on 2 March 1865 with 12 horses and 50 cattle. Jardine's men survived, in poor health; they left a trail of dead Aborigines, dead horses and cattle and all their equipment[1] Jardine claimed to have personally killed 47 people, with a total death toll for the trip of over 200. Both brothers were elected Fellows of the Royal Geographical Society and received the Murchison Award. In 1866 Frank settled on a station near Somerset and was appointed police magistrate in 1868. He died in 1919 of leprosy and is buried at Somerset with his Samoan Princess bride Sana Solia.

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