Francis Lister Hawks Pott

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Francis Lister Hawks Pott
Francis Lister Hawks Pott.jpg
Traditional Chinese卜舫濟
Simplified Chinese卜舫济

Francis Lister Hawks Pott (Chinese: 卜舫濟; February 22, 1864 – March 7, 1947) was an American Episcopal missionary and educator in China. He served as President of St. John's College (later renamed St. John's University), one of China's oldest and most prestigious universities, from 1888 until 1941. With the outbreak of the Pacific War in 1941 and the Japanese occupation of the Shanghai International Settlement, he left for the United States. After World War II, he returned to Shanghai, but soon died in 1947.

Pott was married to Soo Ngoo Wong (Chinese: 黃素娥; pinyin: Huáng Sù'é), who died in 1918, and the father of Olivia H. Pott and Walter Graham Hawks Pott.

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