Francis Phoebus of Navarre

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Coat of arms of Francis Phoebus

Francis Phoebus of Foix (in French François Fébus and in Spanish Francisco Febo) (c.1469 – 7 January 1483) was king of Navarre (1479–1483) and count of Foix (1472). He was the son of Gaston de Foix, Prince of Viana, and grandson of Eleanor of Navarre, whom he succeeded.

During his brief reign, he was under the protection of his mother, the regent Magdalena of Valois. His succession was approved by the Agramont party, while the Beaumont party fell behind Ferdinand the Catholic who started to build up political and military pressure on the Kingdom of Navarre in the run-up to the fully-fledged invasion of 1512.


Francis I's ancestors in three generations
Francis I of Navarre Father:
Gaston of Foix, Prince of Viana
Paternal Grandfather:
Gaston IV of Foix
Paternal Great-grandfather:
John I of Foix-Grailly
Paternal Great-grandmother:
Joan of Albret
Paternal Grandmother:
Eleanor of Navarre
Paternal Great-grandfather:
John II of Aragon
Paternal Great-grandmother:
Blanche I of Navarre
Magdalena of Valois
Maternal Grandfather:
Charles VII of France
Maternal Great-grandfather:
Charles VI of France
Maternal Great-grandmother:
Isabeau of Bavaria
Maternal Grandmother:
Marie of Anjou
Maternal Great-grandfather:
Louis II of Naples
Maternal Great-grandmother:
Yolande of Aragon
Francis Phoebus of Navarre
Born: 1469 Died: 1483
Preceded by
Gaston IV
Count of Foix
Succeeded by
Preceded by
King of Navarre