Franciscan church and monastery, Nové Zámky

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Franciscan church and monastery
Františkánsky kostol a rímskokatolícky kláštor
NZ KostolFrantis1.jpg
Monastery information
Order Franciscan
Established 24 May 1631
Dedicated to Saint Francis
Diocese Nitra
Founder(s) Péter Pázmány
Heritage designation Protected monument
Groundbreaking 1626
Completion date 1631, 1685, 1768
Location Nové Zámky, Nitriansky, Slovakia

The Franciscan church and monastery (Slovakian: Františkánsky kostol a rímskokatolícky kláštor) in Nové Zámky, Nitriansky, Slovakia is an important architectural building built between the years 1626-1631.


The first consecration of the church was done by Cardinal Peter Pazmáň on 24 May 1631. At first it was only a small church with shided roof and with a small monastery. At the beginning of 18th century the monastery was in the hands of Francis II Rákóczi and Mikuláš Bercsényi, who expanded the monastery partially. By the end of 19th century, according to the plans of K. Bálint the next renovation was done. The last complex reconstruction was done between 1978 and the end of the 20th century.



The wooden pulpit is part of the Baroque furniture of the church and it was probably made during the extensive reconstruction in 1766-68. It was certainly restored and repainted many times, and some of the more minute details of the decoration were lost or changed. The last restoration happened in 2004-05. The access is from the adjoining monastery through a short link corridor. On the balustrade of the pulpit four cherubs are perched with the symbols of the Evangelists, some of them holding a pen and a book. Another characteristic part of the decoration is an arm holding a cross. The abat-voix is decorated with a dove, the Tablets of Stone and a pelican symbolizing the sacrifice of Christ.

Current use[edit]

Today the monastery serves as the location of the town museum and as a part of the accommodations for the spiritual order of Franciscan monks.

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