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Franciscan youth (Youfra) is a Catholic Church movement of young people, from 14 to 30 years old, who, in the same manner as St. Francis of Assisi, decide to serve Jesus (the son of God according to the Christian faith) in the same manner as he did. They are part of the Secular Franciscan Order.


The Franciscan youth is a formation of young people who feel obligated to serve the Holy Spirit (a term of the Christian faith denoting the presence of God in one's soul) in order to better serve the template of service to the Christian religious aesthetic first practiced by St Francis of Assisi, in the context of the Secular Franciscan Order.


Franciscan youth initiated in Italy, in 1948, by the franciscan Order of Friars Minor. In the beginning it started as GIFRAC (it. Gioventù Francescana di Azione Cattolica – Franciscan youth of the Catholic action). Later Youth gets adopted by the others franciscan orders: Capuchins (1954), Conventual Franciscans (1958) and Third Order of Saint Francis. From 2009 all of these Franciscan youth movements are united.

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