Francisco Bravo Medical Magnet High School

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Francisco Bravo Medical Magnet High School
Francisco Bravo Medical Magnet High School.jpg
Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California, United States
Type Public
Motto "Quality and Integrity"
Established 1990
School district Los Angeles Unified School District
Principal Maria Torres-Flores
Grades 9-12
Number of students 1852
Color(s) Maroon & Gray         
Mascot Bravo Knights

Francisco Bravo Medical Magnet High School is a magnet senior high school in the Los Angeles Unified School District with a focus on serving students who plan to study in the healthcare field. It is located near the LAC+USC Medical Center, in the Boyle Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles, California.

Awards and recognition[edit]

During the 2006-2007 school year, Francisco Bravo Medical Magnet High School was recognized with the Blue Ribbon School Award of Excellence by the United States Department of Education,[1][2] the highest award an American school can receive.[3][4]

In their annual list of the top 1,300 high schools in the United States, Newsweek ranked Francisco Bravo Medical Magnet High School as 352nd in 2008 and 291st in 2007.[5] In 2007, U.S. News and World Report named it one of its top 100 public high schools.[6]


Originally, a magnet center was established at nearby Lincoln High School before moving to Wilson High School from 1985 until 1990. Bravo Medical Magnet is named after Francisco Bravo, a well-known physician who practiced in East Los Angeles, established his own clinic, and founded a scholarship fund for needy high school students interested in the health science professions. Groundbreaking on Francisco Bravo Medical Magnet High School started in 1987 and construction was completed in 1990. Dr. Rosa Maria Hernández, who was instrumental in the school's construction, served as principal from the school's opening until 2003 when she became the District F Coordinator. She was then succeeded by Maria Torres-Flores.


Bravo is located in a commercial and residential section of Eastside Los Angeles, about 8 minutes from the Los Angeles Civic Center.

Bravo is located adjacent to the LAC+USC Medical Center Complex, which includes the Keck School of Medicine of USC, USC School of Pharmacy, Doheny Eye Hospital, Los Angeles County+USC Medical Center, Norris Cancer Hospital, and the USC University Hospital.

The school's proximity to USC has enabled partnerships, Bravo was adopted by the Los Angeles County+USC Medical Center in September 1981, shortly after the school opened as a small magnet center on the Lincoln High School campus. The school has agreements with USC Medical Center as well as California State University, Los Angeles in promoting health-related activities and projects.

Magnet Program[edit]

Bravo’s medical magnet program was originally part of the school integration program to be accessible to all students in the Los Angeles Unified School District, so the school community has wide geographical boundaries. Thirty buses deliver 85% of Bravo’s 1,726 students, some of whom travel up to an hour to school and are drawn from 32 middle schools. Students apply through the District’s “Choices” program and are selected by the district’s lottery.

Student Body[edit]

Bravo served 1,852 students during the 2014-2015 school year. Approximately 40% of the students attending Bravo are from the surrounding community in what now comprises LAUSD Local District East. The remaining 60% commute from other areas of the Los Angeles Unified School District.


Bravo's demographics currently indicate 66% Hispanic students, 17% Asian/Filipino/Pacific Islander, 2% African-American, 14.3% White, and 0.2% American Indian/Alaskan Native. Over the past six years Bravo has maintained a steady total enrollment and has seen a general decline in all ethnic populations except the Hispanic group which has increased 15% (with a corresponding drop in other populations).

Title I Students[edit]

For 2006-07, Bravo has approximately 82% (1415 students) of all students that are socioeconomically disadvantaged. About 72% of students’ home language is not English. Bravo High School has a school-wide Title I program and is one of the very few Title I High Schools that has surpassed the 800 API level.


Academic Performance Index (API)[edit]

The Academic Performance Index—API for High Schools in the LAUSD District 5 and local small public charter high schools in the East Los Angeles region.

School 2007 [7] 2008 [8] 2009 [9] 2010 [10] 2011 [11] 2012 2013 [12]
Francisco Bravo Medical Magnet High School 807 818 815 820 832 842 847
Marc and Eva Stern Math and Science School 718 792 788 788 809 785 775
Oscar De La Hoya Animo Charter High School 662 726 709 710 744 744 738
James A. Garfield High School 553 597 593 632 705 710 714
Abraham Lincoln High School 594 609 588 616 643 761 738
Woodrow Wilson High School 582 585 600 615 636
Theodore Roosevelt High School 557 551 576 608 793 788
Thomas Jefferson High School 457 516 514 546 546
Santee Education Complex 502 521 552 565 612 636

Bravo API Scores[edit]

The Bravo Medical Magnet High School API scores: [13]

  • 2012 API: 842
  • 2011 API: 832
  • 2010 API: 820
  • 2009 API: 815[14]
  • 2008 API: 818[15]
  • 2007 API: 807
  • 2006 API: 807
  • 2005 API: 819
  • 2004 API: 788
  • 2003 API: 766
  • 2002 API: 737
  • 2001 API: 733
  • 2000 API: 732
  • 1999 API: 715

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