Francisco Cornejo

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Francisco Cornejo
Known forPainting, sculpture
Notable work
Mayan Theater

Francisco Cornejo (b. La Paz, Baja California Sur, 1892 – d. 1963) was a Mexican painter and sculptor, specialized in Maya and Aztec themes. He was influenced by Pre-Columbian art.


Cornejo studied in Mexico City until 1911, and then he moved to Los Angeles, where he taught San Franciscan teachers in ancient American art. He exhibited in Mexico City, at Stanford University, at the California School of Fine Arts, and in Los Angeles.[1] One of his most famous works are the interiors[2] and façade[3] decoration in the Mayan Theater in Los Angeles, a theater built in 1927 under architect Stiles O. Clements, designed in the art deco mode known as Mayan Revival architecture.

In the 1930s, he returned to his home country, where he lived and worked until his death.[4]


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