Francisco Fernández Fernández

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Francisco Fernández Fernández
Francisco Fernández Fernández.jpg
Born 24 July 1901
Pinilla de la Valderia, Castille and León, Spain
Died 7 September 2012
(aged 111 years, 45 days)
Pinilla de la Valderia, Castille and León, Spain
Occupation Retired farmer, carpenter

Oldest living Spanish person

from 30 October 2010 to 7 September 2012

Oldest living European man

from 21 March 2012 to 7 September 2012

Francisco Fernández Fernández (24 July 1901 – 7 September 2012) was a Spanish supercentenarian. Fernández was the oldest living Spanish person, the oldest living man in Europe, the world's third oldest living man, and one of the 65 oldest men ever at the time of his death at age 111 years 45 days.


Francisco Fernández Fernández was born in Pinilla de la Valdería, a small town in Castille and León, Spain. At the age of 14, Fernández got lost with the cattle that he was taking care of, and later he was found close to freezing to death.

He emigrated to Argentina in 1927 and he accumulated enough money to return to Pinilla in 1936 with the purpose of moving his family to Argentina with him, but some months later the Spanish Civil War started and he lost his papers, so he couldn't return to Argentina with his family.

Fernández almost died at the age of 40 of pneumonia, but recuperated successfully and cheated death. Since then, Fernández had never been ill.

Fernández said that even at the age of 111 he lived a good life: he'd wake up late, the people looking after him would shave and wash him, and a "very kind" woman would take him for a walk, he also read the newspaper and watched television, even though his hearing was quite poor by the time he died.

Fernandez died of pneumonia on 7 September 2012 at the age of 111 years and 45 days.