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De septem Ecclesiae sacramentis, 1652

Francis(co) de Lugo (1580–1652) was a Spanish Jesuit theologian.


Disputationes scholasticae de incarnatione dominica, 1646

Lugo was born in Madrid. He was the elder brother of Cardinal John de Lugo, and, like him, a distinguished member of the Society of Jesus, which he entered at the novitiate of Salamanca in 1600.

In answer to his request for the foreign missions, he was sent to Mexico, where, quite apart from any desire of his own, he was appointed to teach theology. Being recalled to Spain, he sailed in company with others under the protection of the Spanish fleet; but during the voyage the Spanish encountered the Dutch, and in the ensuing struggle, de Lugo, although he succeeded in saving his life, could not save the greater part of his commentary on the entire Summa of St. Thomas. He subsequently taught both philosophy and theology in Spain, was a censor of books, and theologian to the general of the Society of Jesus at Rome. Having been twice rector of the College of Valladolid, he died at Valladolid on 17 September 1652 with the reputation of being a fine theologian and a holy and humble man.

Another de Lugo[edit]

Another well known Francisco de Lugo is a distant relative of a Spanish conquistador Alonso Luis Fernández de Lugo, who played a major role in conquering the Canary Islands.[1] He had limited formal military background, but did some fighting both against the Moors and against the Taino Indians of the West Indies.

Francisco de Lugo served with Cortes in the conquest of Mexico as one of his officers.[1][2]:245,286,351,356,385 In 1548 he died at age sixty while leading an army from Panuco across the deserts and mountains to Zacatecas.[1]


  • Theologia scholastica
  • Decursus prævius ad theologian moralem
  • De septem Ecclesiæ sacramentis, praxim potius quam speculationem, attendens et intendens
  • De sacramentis in genere


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