Francisco de Moura Corte Real, 3rd Marquis of Castelo Rodrigo

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Francisco de Moura
Marquis of Castelo Rodrigo
Born 1610
Died 26 November 1675
Issue Leonor de Moura, Marchioness of Castelo Rodrigo
Father Manuel de Moura, 2nd Marquis of Castelo Rodrigo
Religion Roman Catholicism

Francisco de Moura Corte Real, 3rd Marquis of Castelo Rodrigo (1610 – 26 November 1675) was a Portuguese political figure.


Francisco de Moura was the son of the Portuguese nobleman, Manuel de Moura, 2nd Marquis of Castelo Rodrigo, who had been Governor of the Habsburg Netherlands between 1644 and 1647, and of Leonor de Melo. A member of the Corte-Real family, He was a Gentleman of the Chamber of King Philip III of Portugal, later member of his council of state and his ambassador to Vienna in 1651.

He was named Duke of Nocera on 10 August 1656, and served as Viceroy of Sardinia between 1657 and 1661, and Governor of the Habsburg Netherlands between 1664 and 1668. Under his administration the Spanish Netherlands suffered a French invasion during the War of Devolution. By now, Spain was so weak that it could put up very little resistance to the French assault. The French even spoke of "une promenade militaire". Moura was later appointed as Caballerizo mayor to the King and died in Madrid in December 1675.


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Francisco de Moura at the Peace of Westphalia, engraving after Anselm van Hulle.
Government offices
Preceded by
Bernardo Matías de Cervelló
Viceroy of Sardinia
Succeeded by
Archbishop of Cagliari
Preceded by
The Marquis of Caracena
of the Spanish Netherlands

Succeeded by
The Duke of Frías
Portuguese nobility
Preceded by
Manuel de Moura
Marquis of Castel Rodrigo
Succeeded by
Leonor de Moura
Preceded by
Manuel de Moura
Count of Lumiares
Succeeded by
Leonor de Moura
Italian nobility
Preceded by
Francesco Maria Domenico Carafa
Duke of Nocera
Succeeded by
Leonor de Moura