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Francisco José de Paula Gelabert (1758 – after June 21, 1832) was an honorary commissioner of War who was Royal Governor of West Florida between May and September, 1796.

Paula Gelabert was born in Madrid, Spain, sometime in the 18th century. He was son of Antonio de Paula Gelabert and Rosa Estrani. His parents were natives from Barcelona and Vich (Catalonia, Spain) respectively.[1] His father was descended from an ancient and noble lineage from Catalonia.[2] Francisco José de Paula Gelabert was an honorary War Commissioner [1] who, in May 1796, was appointed Royal Governor of West Florida, office he occupied until September this year.[3]

He was married to Maria Coleta Hore Piña, with whom he had two children: Antonio (born in June 17, 1814) and María Angela (born in February 28, 1821), and one granddaughter: María Concepción (born in 1848). He, after being widowed, re-married on June 21, 1832 with María Ignacia Correa, native of Palencia (Spain).[1]

Gelabert died after June 21, 1832 [3]


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