Francisco de Paula Vieira da Silva de Tovar, 1st Viscount of Molelos

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Francisco de Paula Vieira da Silva de Tovar
1st Viscount of Molelos
Born (1774-Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "{".-{{{day}}})Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "{"., 1774
Died 1848 (aged 73–74)
Allegiance Portuguese
Rank General
Battles/wars Portuguese invasion of the Banda Oriental

Francisco de Paula Vieira da Silva de Tovar e Nápoles, 11th Lord of the Honour of Molelos, 1st Baron and 1st Viscount of Molelos (1774–1848) was a Portuguese military officer and politician. He is best known for his role in the Portuguese invasion of the Banda Oriental, under the reign of king John VI, as well as for his active participation in Portugal's resistance against the invading troops of Napoleon (1807–1810) and, towards the end of his life, for his support for the Absolutist or Liberal faction during the Portuguese Civil War, whose ranks he led as a General.

In 1862, exiled king Miguel I honoured him posthumously by creating his only surviving grandson, António Vieira de Tovar de Magalhães e Albuquerque, 1st Count of Molelos. This title, however, was never legally validated, and his only daughter died an infant.

The vicomital title was given continuity by the descendents of António's great-aunt Josefa Vieira da Silva de Tovar.

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