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The Franco-Albertan flag

The Franco-Albertan flag was designed by Jean-Pierre Grenier and adopted by the Association canadienne-française de l'Alberta (French-Canadian Association of Alberta) in March 1982. It was the winning entry in a contest sponsored by Francophonie jeunesse de l'Alberta (Francophone Youth of Alberta).

The flag is blue, white and red, with a white fleur-de-lys in the upper left corner and a red wild rose in the lower right corner. The wild rose, the provincial flower of Alberta, represents the province as does the field of blue in the upper right corner. The white represents la Francophonie, and the blue and white stripes represent the waters and roads travelled throughout the province by Francophone explorers and colonists.

To engage the Franco-Albertan community, the following song was writing, composed and interpreted by Amanda Ranger and Stephanie Perras in relations to the Franco-Albertan flag:

Affichons nos couleurs (Bleu, blanc, rose)

Although it has not been approved as the official Franco-Albertan flag song, it has been shared across Alberta by many Franco-Albertans.

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