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Franco Iacomella at Bilbao, Spain (2009)

Franco Iacomella is an Argentine activist. He is a well known Commons, Peer production, Free Knowledge and Free Software advocate.

He use to write and give conferences about commons theory, peer production, open education, free software, copyright law and access to knowledge both in Spanish and English.

The 6 August 2013, he was banned from the P2P Foundation for having intercepted and blocked email communications between P2P Foundation members (notably Michel Bauwens), faked emails and substituted himself.[1]

Projects and activities[edit]

He worked in free software projects such as the Open Video Alliance[2] and the Free Technology Academy.[3] He is also a member of the GNU Project,[4][5] where he is mainly involved in legal issues and in the GNU Savannah[6] project.

He is very active in the research field of peer production, having contributed to launch the "Journal of Peer Production"[7] and the "Statistical studies of Peer Production"[8] He is one of the creators of the crowdfunded documentary film project called The Forbidden Education.

Career and affiliations[edit]

He serves as member at the Open Web Foundation.[9] He also serves as Board Observer at the Free Software Foundation Latin America.[10]

He collaborates with Marxists Internet Archive as a member of the Steering Committee of the organisation.[11] He is part of the advisory board of Zumbara,[12] a Turkish network of alternative economy, and the magazine.[13]

He is the current President of the Gleducar NGO,[14] an important organization that works in the field of free education in Latin America. In that position, he serves in the Advisory Board of Conectar Igualdad, the Argentinian National programme to deliver one laptop per student in the public education sector.[15]