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The Francoaceae Adr.Juss. were a small family of plants in the order Geraniales, including the genera Francoa, commonly known as bridal wreaths, and Tetilla. The Francoaceae are recognized as a family under various classification schemes but under the APG III system the Francoaceae are included within the Melianthaceae.[1]

The Francoaceae are perennial herbs characterized by a basal aggregation of alternate petiolated leaves. The leaf blades (lamina) are either dissected, or entire.

The bridal wreaths are native to Chile. Francoa sonchifolia may grow up to one metre high and produces basal clumps of round, deeply lobed, dark green, fuzzy leaves with winged leafstalks. Compact racemes of small, cup-shaped flowers, which are pink with red markings, appear in summer and early autumn.


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