Franconia Brewing Company

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Coordinates: 33°12′48″N 96°36′32″W / 33.2134°N 96.6089°W / 33.2134; -96.6089

Franconia Brewing Company
Industry Alcoholic beverage
Founded 2008

495 McKinney Pkwy

McKinney, Texas
Products Beer

Franconia Brewing Company is a brewery in McKinney, Texas, USA. The brew master, Dennis Wehrmann, is an experienced brewer from Nuremberg, Franconia, Germany, with a family history in the brewing industry.

Dennis started building Franconia in 2007, and on February 26, 2008, they produced their first batch of beer. [1]

As of December 2011, Franconia beers are available statewide through distributor Ben E. Keith.[2]


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