Francophonie Diffusion

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Francophonie Diffusion
Industry Music
Founded February 1993
Headquarters France

Francophonie Diffusion is a music platform for international media promotion of French and Francophone music established in February 1993.[1][2][3] The association is supported by French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, French Ministry of Culture and Communication and Société des auteurs, compositeurs et éditeurs de musique (SACEM).[4] Francophonie Diffusion have network affiliates of more than 1000 medias (including almost 800 radio stations), festivals and music supervisors worldwide located in 100 countries, provinces or territories.[5] It specialized in the export of the French labels's releases and promotes French artists around the world.[6][7][8] Francophonie Diffusion also published a monthly and yearly record chart of the most-played French singles across the world.[9]


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