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Franjo Bartola Babić (19 December 1908, Babina Greda – 15 May 1945?) was a Croatian writer and Nazi collaborator.

He finished elementary school in Zemun in 1919, and six grades of gymnasium in Vukovar and Vinkovci by 1926. He subsequently worked at the newspaper Hrvatski list in Osijek. He worked at the paper until 1944. From 1941-44, he served as its editor. He attended the trial of the bandit Čaruga, and published a book about.[1] From 1932 on, he also wrote articles about chess.[2]

He moved to Zagreb in 1944. After attempting to escape to the western Allies in May 1945, he was reportedly killed by Yugoslav Partisans in Maribor.[citation needed]


  • Čaruga
  • Vjerna zemlja
  • Općinski načelnik
  • Graničarska ljubav ili Ivka


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