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Franjo Iveković, a painting by Oton Iveković, 1894

Franjo Iveković (Klanjec, September 19, 1834 - Zagreb, March 2, 1914) was a Croatian linguist and religious writer, university professor and rector of the University of Zagreb.

He studied theology in Zagreb and Pest, receiving his Ph.D. in theology in Vienna. For a brief period he served as a chaplain of the St. Mark's Church, Zagreb. At the Faculty of theology in Zagreb he taught Oriental languages and Biblical exegesis. Since 1875 he served as a docent, and since 1878 as a full professor at the Faculty of Theology. He was rector of the University of Zagreb in the academic year 1879/1880, and after his mandate expired he served as a prorector. He also served as the director of the Nobility Boarding School and a canon.

On the basis of the material collected by his deceased nephew Ivan Broz, and with his own research, he published an influential two-volume dictionary of the Croatian language in 1901. He published his papers in various journals and periodicals (Vienac, Rad, Književnik, Katolički list etc.). Stairs on the Zagreb Gornji grad were named after him in 1931.


  • Životi svetaca i svetica božjih (1873-1888, 21892-1908)
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  • Rječnik hrvatskoga jezika. Svezak I. A - O. (1901)
  • Rječnik hrvatskoga jezika. Svezak II. P - Ž. (1901)


Academic offices
Preceded by
Franjo Maixner
Rector of the University of Zagreb
1879 – 1880
Succeeded by
Aleksandar Bresztyenszky