Frank and Jesse

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Frank and Jesse
Frank and Jesse (1995) Theatrical Poster.jpg
Original Theatrical Poster
Directed by Robert Boris
Produced by Cassian Elwes
Elliott Kastner
Written by Robert Boris
Starring Rob Lowe
Bill Paxton
Randy Travis
Dana Wheeler-Nicholson
Luke Askew
Alexis Arquette
William Atherton
Music by Mark McKenzie
Cinematography Walt Lloyd
Distributed by Trimark
Release date
  • October 28, 1994 (1994-10-28)
Running time
105 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Box office $ 50,004

Frank and Jesse (also known as Frank & Jesse) is a 1994 American biographical western film written and directed by Robert Boris and starring Rob Lowe as Jesse James and Bill Paxton as Frank James. Based on the story of Jesse James, the film focuses more on the myth of The James Brothers than the real history. It originally aired on HBO.


Following the American Civil War the two James brothers, along with the Younger brothers - Cole Younger (played by Randy Travis) and Bob Younger (Todd Field), Bob Ford (Jim Flowers) and Charles Ford (Alexis Arquette), Clell Miller (John Pyper-Ferguson), and Arch Clements (Nick Sadler), begin to feel oppressed by the Chicago railroad investors. They set off on a trail of bank robberies, train heists, and stage holdups while evading the dogged pursuit of Allan Pinkerton (William Atherton) and his detective agency.



Frank and Jesse
Frank and Jesse Soundtrack.gif
Soundtrack album by Mark McKenzie
Released 1995
Recorded 1995
Genre Soundtrack
Label Intrada Records

The music score was composed by Mark McKenzie and released by Intrada Records.[2]

  • "Frank and Jesse Suite"
  • "Main Title"
  • "Family Moments"
  • "Gentle Spirits"
  • "Tragedy At Home"
  • "Meet the James Gang"
  • "Marauding"
  • "Daring Escape"
  • "Frank's Despair"
  • "The Peace Ranch"
  • "Mountain Top Dance"
  • "The Lord is Callin' You"
  • "Northfield Battle"
  • "I Play Not Marches ..."
  • "Goodbye Jesse"
  • "Justice Will Be Served"


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