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Frank A. Stevenson (born 1970) is a Norwegian software developer, and part-time cryptanalyst. He is primarily known for his exposition of weaknesses in the DVD Forum's Content Scramble System (CSS).[1] Although the cryptoanalysis was done independently, he is known for his relations to DeCSS,[2] and appeared before the courts as a witness in the Jon Johansen court trial. He also gave a deposition for the DVD CCA v. McLaughlin, Bunner, et al. case.

Stevenson worked for Funcom as a game developer for many years, after which he moved to Kvaleberg to work on mobile phone software. In July 2010, Stevenson published information about vulnerabilities in the A5/1 encryption algorithm used by most 2G GSM networks, and also showed the Kraken software, that demonstrates that the crypto indeed can be broken with modest hardware.[3]

Games credited[edit]

Stevenson has been credited with the following video games:[4]

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