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Frank Allen
Allen performing with The Searchers in 2015
Background information
Birth nameFrancis Renaud McNeice
Born (1943-12-14) 14 December 1943 (age 80)
Harlington, Hillingdon Middlesex, England
Instrument(s)Bass, vocals
Years active1961-present
Formerly ofCliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers, The Searchers

Frank Allen (born Francis Renaud McNeice; 14 December 1943) is an English bass guitarist. who was a long-time member of The Searchers.

Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers[edit]

Allen's career started aged fifteen in 1958, playing guitar in his own band called The Skyways at local venues such as The Clay Pigeon in Eastcote.[1] Frank started playing bass guitar with Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers during the early 1960s. Allen joined Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers as rhythm guitarist in 1961 He first asked to join as rhythm guitarist, but was turned down as they didn't need a new member; but shortly after, the Rousers were to do a radio performance, and Allen was asked to do a one-time performance with them as a rhythm guitarist. After the radio appearance, Frank managed to persuade Cliff Bennett into letting him join in as a full time member.

He eventually changed over to bass guitar in early 1962, following the departure of Ben Jordan.[2] As a member of the Rebel Rousers, he played on six of their singles, released from July 1961 to March 1964, and contributing to their 1964 Extended Play.

The Searchers[edit]

When Tony Jackson left the Searchers in August 1964, Allen was asked to join the group. They then recorded "When You Walk in the Room", with Mike Pender and Frank Allen singing a dual lead line.[3] He remained with them until they played their final gig in March 2019, when the Searchers retired the band.[4] The Searchers announced a 2023 tour, in which Allen will be performing in.

Allen wrote a book of touring recollections called Travelling Man in 1999.[5] His definitive and detailed biography of the Searchers entitled The Searchers And Me - A History of the Legendary Sixties Hitmakers was published in April 2009.[6]

Personal life[edit]

Allen was born in Hayes, Middlesex, England, and currently lives in West London.


Allen was heavily influenced by American rock and roll artists of the 1950s:[7]

The only mentors were the early rock and roll stars. It was Elvis and the Everly Brothers and Buddy Holly and people like that, Little Richard, Fats Domino. In the main, Elvis changed everything for me. Lonnie Donegan of course in England. I suppose Lonnie to a very great extent because, although skiffle was a very short-lived fad and it was a very simple, very crude style of music, it allowed anyone who could play anything on a guitar at all to believe they can get up on stage and do something without any great amount of talent. Three chords and you were away, you could play with your friends and you could all hide each other’s faults.


With Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers[edit]


  • July 1961: "You've Got What I Like" / "I'm in Love With You"
  • October 1961: "That's What I Said" / "When I Get Paid"
  • March 1962: "Poor Joe" / "Hurtin' Inside"
  • July 1963: "Everybody Loves A Lover" / "My Old Stand By"
  • November 1963: "You Really Got A Hold on Me" / "Alright"
  • March 1964: "Got My Mojo Working" / "Beautiful Dreamer"


  • 1964 'She said Yeah'/ 'Doctor Feelgood' / 'You Make Me Happy' / 'Stupidity'

With The Searchers[edit]

Allen (Back Centre) with John McNally, Mike Pender and Chris Curtis in 1964

Studio albums[edit]

Album details Year
It's the Searchers
  • Released: May 1964
  • Label: Pye Records (NPL 18092)
  • Format: LP
Sounds Like Searchers
  • Released: 19 March 1965
  • Label: Pye Records (NPL 18111)
  • Format: LP
Take Me for What I'm Worth
  • Released: November 1965
  • Label: Pye Records (NPL 18120 / NSPL 18120)
  • Format: LP
Second Take
  • Released: November 1972
  • Label: RCA Victor (SF 8298)
  • Format: LP
  • Released: October 1979
  • Label: Sire Records (SRK 6082)
  • Format: LP
Play For Today
  • Released: April 1981
  • Label: Sire Records (SRK 3523)
  • Format: LP
Hungry Hearts
  • Released: 1988
  • Label: Coconut Records (LP 209459/ CD 259459)
  • Format: LP, CD


Title (A-side) B-side Year
"When You Walk in the Room"

(originally recorded by Jackie DeShannon)

"I'll Be Missing You" 1964
"Love Potion No. 9"

(originally recorded by The Clovers)

"Hi-Heel Sneakers"
"What Have They Done to the Rain"

(originally recorded by Malvina Reynolds)

"This Feeling Inside"
"Magic Potion"

(originally recorded by Lou Johnson) Note: Australia only

"Everything You Do" 1965
"Bumble Bee"

(originally recorded by LaVern Baker)

"Everything You Do" (US first pressings)

"A Tear Fell" (US later pressings)

"I Don't Want to Go On Without You"

(originally recorded by The Drifters)

"A Tear Fell"
"Goodbye My Love"

(originally recorded by Jimmy Hughes) (US single shown as "Goodbye My Lover Goodbye")

"Till I Met You"
"Verzeih' My Love"

("Goodbye My Love" in German)

"Wenn ich dich seh'"

("When You Walk In The Room" in German)

"He's Got No Love" "So Far Away"
"When I Get Home"

(originally recorded by Bobby Darin)

"I'm Never Coming Back"
"Don't You Know Why" "You Can't Lie to a Liar"
"Take Me for What I'm Worth"

(originally recorded by P. F. Sloan)

"Too Many Miles"
"Take It or Leave It"

(originally recorded by The Rolling Stones)

"Don't Hide It Away" 1966
"Have You Ever Loved Somebody?"

(originally recorded by The Hollies)

"It's Just the Way (Love Will Come and Go)"
"Popcorn Double Feature" "Lovers" 1967
"Western Union"

(originally recorded by The Five Americans)

"I'll Cry Tomorrow"
"Second Hand Dealer" "Crazy Dreams"
"Umbrella Man" "Over the Weekend" 1968
"Somebody Shot the Lollipop Man"

(Released under the pseudonym "Pasha")

"Pussy Willow Dragon" 1969
"Shoot 'Em Up Baby"

(originally recorded by Andy Kim)

"Kinky Kathy Abernathy" "Suzanna"
"Desdemona" "The World Is Waiting for Tomorrow" 1971
"Love Is Everywhere" "And a Button"
"Sing Singer Sing" "Come On Back to Me" 1972
"Needles and Pins" (re-recording) "When You Walk in the Room"/

"Come On Back to Me"


(originally recorded by Neil Sedaka)

"Spicks and Specks" 1973

(originally recorded by Loggins & Messina)

"Hearts in Her Eyes"

(given to the group by The Records)

"Don't Hang On" 1979
"It's Too Late" "This Kind of Love Affair" (UK)

"Don't Hang On" (US)

"Love's Melody"

(originally recorded by Ducks Deluxe)

"Changing" (UK)

"Little Bit of Heaven" (US)

"Another Night" "Back to the War"
"I Don't Want to Be the One" "Hollywood" 1982


Title Year
When You Walk In The Room
  • Label: Pye Records (NEP 24204)
Bumble Bee
  • Label: Pye Records (NEP 24218)
Searchers '65
  • Label: Pye Records (NEP 24222)
Four By Four
  • Label: Pye Records (NEP 24228)
Take Me For What I'm Worth
  • Label: Pye Records (NEP 24263)


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