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Frank Benbini in Barcelona in 2010.

Frank Benbini (real name Mark Francis Reid), born in Leicester, United Kingdom, is the drummer and one third of the Fun Lovin' Criminals (FLC). As well as being known as Frank Benbini, he also goes by the names Uncle Frank and TRM which stands for "The Rhythm Man". Frank is an established singer, music producer, songwriter and director.

Frank joined FLC as their drummer in May 2003 - although he had known the band for many years previously (their first meeting was at Rock City in Nottingham in 1996[1]) - after having worked for a while as Mackie's technician. Along with drumming, Frank also provides backing vocals to tracks on FLC's more recent albums and when performing live with the FLC.

Frank is also one half of the "Make It Nice Brothers" with Naim Cortazzi (a multi instrumentalist and producer) Based in Leicester, England, the "Make It Nice Brothers" perform in two bands, Uncle Frank[2] and Fatal Star.[3] These two bands each have very different musical styles to the Fun Lovin' Criminals - Uncle Frank being described as "the music from the Jungle Book blended with Barry White's lush soul vibe and some genius songwriting a la Burt Bacharach"[4] and Fatal Star as "devastating campfire harmonies with a mystical eastern edge for arrangements. Delicate, Melodic, Soulful food for hungry dreamers".[5]

Uncle Frank were signed to an unprecedented 3 album deal in 2013 by MITA Records executive David Rogers.[6] Uncle Frank's debut label album 'Smiles for Miles' was released in May 2014 and was described by Penny Black Music as an album "full of classic, quirky and lovestruck songs".[7] The band's second single 'Somethin' Somethin' accompanied by a robot animation video was featured by The Daily Express "Frank Benbini and Naim Cortazzi, have spent years making music and their remarkable output ranges from soul to funk and old-school hip hop".[8]

Along with these two bands, Frank has also performed with the band Cantaloop[9] who have supported the Fun Lovin' Criminals on several of their tours.

He is also dipping his toes into the realms of acting - being part of the sequel to FLC's film 'Maui Homicide' (currently titled 'Maui Homicide 2') and also appearing with fellow band member Huey Morgan in Brit Flick Clubbing To Death.

Uncle Frank played at the 2009 Limetree Festival. Frank also did a guest vocalist spot with Cantaloop on the Saturday night of the Limetree Festival.