Frank Boeijen (keyboardist)

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This article is about the keyboardist. For the singer, see Frank Boeijen.
Frank Boeijen in 2006

Frank Boeijen (born 4 December 1973 in Berghem) is a Dutch keyboardist. He entered the rock/then-metal group The Gathering in 1990, and together they released ten studio albums, three live albums, and five EPs. His latest work is The Gathering's Disclosure, that was released in 2012.

Since the year 2005 he is also active with his side project called: Grimm Limbo.

Creating electronic music with a dark edge, he also tries to attract people on the dancefloor during sporadic live gigs in the underground scene.

Collaborating with other electronic musicians from his hometown Nijmegen, they perform as a collective called Glaxclock in different clubs in the Netherlands.

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