Frank Calvert (cartoonist)

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Frank Calvert
Frank Calvert (Seattle cartoonist).png
Portrait of Frank Calvert c. 1920, from the Seattle Daily Times, July 1, 1920, page 14.
Born 1876
Died 1920
Oroville, Washington
Occupation Editorial cartoonist and newspaper illustrator, entrepreneur
Language English
Citizenship USA
Notable works The Cartoon; A Reference Book of Seattle's Successful Men
Spouse Laura Reynolds (married January 7, 1905) [1]
Children three children
  • William Calvert (father) [2]
  • Mrs William Calvert, Sr. (mother)[2]
  • William Calvert, Jr.(brother)[2]
  • James H. Calvert (brother)[2]
  • May Calvert Dunn (sister, died 1901)[2]
  • Grace Calvert (sister)[2]

Frank Calvert (1876–1920) was a Seattle Times newspaper artist and cartoonist, and member of the Seattle Cartoonists' Club.[3] In 1911, he edited a book for the club, The cartoon; a reference book of Seattle's successful men, which included biographies, photos and caricatures of men the club considered influential in Seattle.

He was also a co-founder (along with Alfred T. Renfro, writer and photographer) of the Beaux Arts Village in King County, Washington. .[3][4] The two men wanted to create a community of artists.[4] They bought 50 acres of land on the shore of Lake Washington, with the intent of establishing an artists' colony.[3][4] They set aside 10 acres to be used for art studios for woodworking, sculpture, and photography and the rest was to be half-acre parcels for artist homes.[3][4]

The two men also set up the Beaux Arts Workshop in Seattle.[4][year missing]

Caricature of Frank Calvert as a pirate. Members of the Seattle Artists club drew themselves in this manner, alongside the serious and famous men they were portraying.


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