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Frank Carillo (born July 14, 1950) is an American rock musician. In 1971, manager Phil Lorito formed a band around Frank Carillo called Doc Holliday, with Carillo, Bob Mayo, Tom Arlotta and Bob Liggio. In 1973 they released one album, Doc Holliday.


Doc Holliday (1971-1974)[edit]

Carillo (1978-1979)[edit]

Under his own name, Carillo released two albums, including a cover of the Rolling Stones song Out of Time on his 1979 album Street Of Dreams.

  • Rings Around The Moon (1978)
  • Street Of Dreams (1979)

Golden-Carillo (1990-1997)[edit]

Carillo partnered with Annie Golden to form a band, Golden-Carillo. They released three albums together:

  • A Fire in New Town (1992)
  • Toxic Emotion (1993)
  • Back For More (1997)

Frank Carillo and the Bandoleros (2001-present)[2][edit]

As of 2006, After reuniting with former manager, Phil Lorito, Carillo is put together his new band, Frank Carillo And The Bandoleros. Members are Frank Carillo, Eddie Seville, Karl Allweier and Norman DelTufo. They have released three albums:

  • Bad Out There (2004)
  • Someday (2008)
  • Rails to Kingdom Come (estimated release date 2011)

Kooymans / Carillo (2010-present)[edit]

Frank Carillo and George Kooymans from Golden Earring are longtime friends. They have been writing together on and off since the mid-'90s. April 2010 this will result in their first album.

  • On Location (2010)


Carillo has also contributed session work and co-written songs for:


Frank Carillo is mentioned in the Ian Hunter song "Central Park West". This song was on the Short Back 'n' Sides album.


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