Frank D. Celebrezze I

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Frank D. Celebrezze I (May 12, 1899 - August 21, 1953) was an Italian-American politician, judge and former public safety director in Cleveland, Ohio.[1]

Early life[edit]

Born in 1899 to Italian immigrants in Cleveland, Celebreeze spent part of his childhood in Italy before returning to Cleveland in 1912.[2] A graduate of St. Ignatius College (now divided into Saint Ignatius High School in Cleveland and John Carroll University in University Heights, Ohio). He earned a Juris Doctor from University of Notre Dame in 1928.


In the 1930s, Celebrezze served the courts as a Cuyahoga County. In 1942 Celebrezze replaced Eliot Ness in the position of city safety director, serving under Cleveland mayors Frank J. Lausche and Thomas A. Burke. in 1947 he was elected as a municipal judge and was re-elected in 1951, serving until his death in 1953[3]


Celebrezze married Mary Carmella Delsander, with whom he had had six children: Frank Jr., Gerald, Dorothy, Joanne, Monica and James. Celebrezze's son, Frank Jr., served as Chief Justice on the Ohio Supreme Court. Celebrezze's brother Anthony served as Mayor of Cleveland as well as in the cabinets of president's Kennedy and Johnson. Celebrezze is interned in Holy Cross Cemetery in Brook Park on Cleveland's West Side.[4]