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Frank Delgado (born October 19, 1960 in Consolación del Sur, Pinar del Río) is a Cuban musician, and a member of the novísima trova, heir to the nueva trova movement.


He was born October 19, 1960 in Consolación del Sur, Cuba. He took part in the university cultural movements, and won some awards in different festivals. He is a hydraulic engineer by the Instituto Superior Politécnico José Antonio Echeverría.

His first songs (Orden del Día and Río Quibú), were performed and brought to fame by other groups, but later on he sang his own songs. He has sung in more than 120 cities, in over a dozen countries, and his music has been used as soundtrack for radio, television and cinema.

His songs are remarkable because of their lyrics, and speak about love, social affairs and deeply ironic criticism of current Cuban politics and society.


Official Albums[edit]

  1. Trova - Tur (1995)
  2. La Habana Está de Bala (1998)
  3. El Adivino (2001)
  4. Mi Mapa (2004)
  5. ... pero, qué dice el coro? (2006)
  6. Extremistas Nobles (2010) (together with Cuban pop/rock band Buena Fe (duo))
  7. Ustedes los trovadores no saben na' de la vida (2012)
  8. 'Más' (2016)


  1. Sonríete Sin Malicia (1993)
  2. En México (1994)
  3. Un Buen Lugar (1996)
  4. Trucho (1999)
  5. Concierto Inmigrante a Media Jornada (1999)
  6. A guitarra limpia (2000)
  7. Otras canciones (2002)
  8. En cuerdas para cuerdos (2004)

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