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Frank Ferragine (born March 4, 1972) is the morning weatherman on City's morning show Breakfast Television in Toronto, Ontario, and is the station's flower expert using the nickname Frankie Flowers. He also occasionally appears on Cityline, a Canadian television program.

Originally a fill-in for Nalini Sharma (on maternity leaving during the summer of 2005), he returned to the show when Sharma was re-assigned to later time spots.

Ferragine's family runs Bradford Greenhouses and is a director of the annual Canada Blooms flower show. He has also been host at the Alliston Garden Tour "What's New in Horticulture" and "Get Growing" on Barrie, Ontario radio station CKBB.

Ferragine is married to Laurie and has a son Gavin who was born in 2007, and son Matheson, who was born March 24, 2009.

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