Frank Frost Abbott

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Frank Frost Abbott (March 27, 1860 – July 23, 1924) was an American classical scholar.


Born in Redding, Connecticut, he taught at the University of Chicago,[1] then moved to Princeton University in 1907. He died in Montreux, Switzerland.


  • Selected Letters of Cicero (1897).
  • A History and Description of Roman Political Institutions (1901).
  • A Short History of Rome (1906)
  • Society and Politics in Ancient Rome (1909).
  • The Common People of Ancient Rome (1911).
  • Roman Politics (1923).
  • Municipal Administration in the Roman Empire (1926).

He also translated Alberico Gentili's Hispanicae Advocationis Libri Dvo ("Two Books of Advocacy in the Service of Spain").


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