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For the Swansea rugby captain, see Frank Gordon (rugby player).
Sir Frank Gordon
Peter cellier.jpg
Sir Frank Gordon
First appearance "The Quality of Life"
Last appearance "A Conflict of Interest"
Portrayed by Peter Cellier
Occupation Permanent Secretary of the Treasury
Title Sir

Sir Frank Gordon is a fictional character in the 1980s British sitcom Yes Minister and its sequel Yes, Prime Minister. In the universe of the show, he is Assistant Secretary to the Treasury and later the Permanent Secretary to the Treasury. He was portrayed by Peter Cellier.

Sir Frank makes his first appearance in the Yes Minister episode "The Quality of Life," gleefully listening to Sir Humphrey Appleby's machinations against the latter's minister, Jim Hacker.

Sir Frank makes more frequent appearances in Yes, Prime Minister, and in doing so, appears as both an ally and competitor with Sir Humphrey. As allies, in the Yes, Prime Minister episode of "A Real Partnership," Sir Frank conspires with Sir Humphrey to push through a civil service pay increase in a time of financial stringency. As competitors, Sir Frank attempts to undermine Sir Humphrey by suggesting that he would be able to take Humphrey's role in heading half of the British Civil Service ("The Key"). Indeed, it is their roles as de facto joint heads of the Civil Service (Sir Humphrey as Cabinet Secretary and Sir Frank as Permanent Secretary of the Treasury) that brings them most often into conflict.

Both Sir Frank and Sir Humphrey share many things in common, not the least being an aim to increase Civil Service pay and prestige at the cost of others, an extraordinary command of the English language, fine dining, and a superb ability to manipulate and advance their own interests.