Frank Holliday

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Frank Holliday
Frank Holliday.jpg
Frank Holliday at the Painting Center in New York City
Born1957 (1957)
EducationSchool of Visual Arts, New York City
Known forPainting, Performance
MovementNeo-expressionism, Neo-Abstraction, East Village
AwardsAdolph and Esther Gottlieb Grant, Pollock-Krasner Grant, Guggenheim Fellowship
Frank Holliday, "Dayafter", oil on canvas, 96" x 96 ", 2001

Frank Holliday (born 1957, North Carolina) is a painter who became known in the New York City art world in the 1970s and 1980s and is often associated with the East Village scene and associated with Club 57. His early career as an artist included working with Andy Warhol and close associations with artists such as Keith Haring[1] Ann Magnuson, Kenny Scharf, et al.

Frank Holliday exhibited with galleries such as Kenny Schacter Gallery, Tony Shafrazi Gallery and has had several solo shows at Debs & Co. and Tom Cugliani Gallery as well as The Kitchen, Dru Artstark and GAL Gallery. He’s been represented in numerous group shows including shows at The Arts Club, White Columns, Sandra Gering Gallery, Amy Lipton Gallery, Barbara Toll Fine Art and Club 57 with Keith Haring, all in NYC. His work has been the subject of reviews by Holland Cotter and Stephen Westfall in Art in America, Grace Glueck and Ken Johnson in the New York Times, and Bill Arning in the Village Voice, and has been a recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts Grant." In 2010, Frank Holliday was awarded grants from the Adolph and Esther Gottlieb Foundation and the Pollock-Krasner Foundation.

Solo exhibitions[edit]

  • 2006 Paintings on Paper Tintenets Gallery Beacon, NY
  • 2003 New Paintings Kenny Schachter ConTEMPorary, NYC
  • 2001 Trippin' In America Debs & Co., NYC
  • 1999 Rafa Series Debs & Co., NYC
  • 1998 New Paintings Samuel Manache, Mexico City, Mexico
  • 1997 Wah Wah Series Debs & Co., NYC
  • 1997 Eclipse The Kitchen, NYC
  • 1994 Paintings Dru Arstark Gallery, NYC
  • 1993 Inside/OutGAL Gallery, NC
  • 1990 New Paintings Tom Cugliani Gallery, NYC
  • 1989 New Paintings Tom Cugliani Gallery, NYC
  • 1987 New Paintings Tom Cugliani Gallery, NYC

Group exhibitions[edit]

  • 2018 Club 57: Film, Performance, and Art in the East Village, Museum of Modern Art, NYC[2]
  • 2011 The Sword of Damocles, The Painting Center, NYC
  • 2011 Royal/T presents East Village West, curated by Ann Magnuson and Kenny Scharf, Los Angeles, CA
  • 2010 Greensboro Collects Weatherspoon Art Museum, NC
  • 2009 Watercolors Rose Burlingham Gallery, NYC
  • With Love Weatherspoon Museum, NC
  • 2008 Brooklyn's Best Robeling Hall, NYC
  • Boson Exotic Rupert Ravens Contemporary, NJ
  • 2007 Sanctuary Robeling Hall, NYC
  • Neo Integrity Derek Eller Gallery, NYC
  • Change At Babylon Kathleen Kullen Gallery, NYC
  • 2006 Glad Benefit NYC
  • Weatherspoon NC
  • Bushwick Artist NYC
  • 2005 Glad Benefit NYC
  • New York Studio School NC
  • Postcards From The Edge Robert Miller Gallery, NYC
  • 2004 Biannual University of Tennessee Gallery, TN
  • Cool and Collected Weatherspoon Art Museum, NC
  • Band of Abstraction Van Brundt Gallery, NYC
  • 101 Ways SVA Gallery, NYC; curated by Jerry Saltz
  • 2003 Dali Lama Elizabeth Dee Gallery, NYC
  • Group Show Lohin Geduel Gallery, NYC
  • Glad Auction NYC
  • 2002 With Or Without You E Ivan Dougherty Gallery, Sydney, AU; curated by Royce Smith
  • Glad Benefit Auction NYC
  • 2001 Figure/Disfigure University of Rhode Island Gallery; curated by J. Tolnick
  • Self-Made Men D.C. Moore Gallery, NYC; curated by Alexia Worth
  • Absolute Vodka Grand Central Station, NYC
  • 20 Years Anniversary Museum of Decorative Arts, Paris, FR
  • Benefit Artist Space, NYC
  • 1999 Stars of Track & Field Debs & Co., NYC
  • David Bowie Rupert Goldsworthy Gallery, NYC
  • 1998 Group Show Rupert Goldsworthy Gallery, NYC
  • Calendar Show Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art, IL
  • Salon New York Arts Club, NYC; curated by Barbara Hunt
  • Utz Lennon Weinberg Gallery, NYC
  • Pink La Mamma Gallery, NYC
  • 1997 A Very Large Array Debs & Co., NYC
  • Oh What a Wonderful LifeUnfinished, NYC
  • 1996 Day Without Art Office of Ruth Messinger, NYC
  • No Show St. Marks Church, NYC
  • 1995 Group Show Funhouse Throckmorton Gallery, NM; curated by Sue Canning
  • Art on Paper Weatherspoon Museum, NC
  • 1993 A Few Fey Things White Columns, NYC; curated by Bill Arning
  • Totems, Sculpture & Totems Tony Shafrazi Gallery, NYC
  • Group Show Bonlow Gallery, NYC
  • Space Invaders P.S.1 Museum, LIC, NY
  • 1992 New Art White Columns, NYC; curated by Bill Arning
  • Physical/Metaphysical Sandra Gerning Gallery, NYC
  • Benefit White Columns, NYC
  • Group Show Tom Cugliani Gallery, NYC
  • Beast P.S.1 Museum, LIC, NY; curated by Richard Flood
  • 1991 Painters Painting Amy Lipton Gallery, NYC
  • 1990 Summer Barbara Toll Gallery, NYC
  • 1988 Inaugural Show Tom Cugliani Gallery, NYC
  • Monochrome & Beyond The Carnegie Museum, ME
  • 1986 Correspondences La Foret Museum, JP
  • Figure Abstraction Hallwalls Gallery, Buffalo, NY
  • 1984Group Show Gabriel Beyers Gallery, NYC
  • Group Show DeFacto Gallery, NYC
  • Group Show Beulahland, NYC
  • 1981 Group Show 77 White Street, NYC; curated by Keith Haring
  • 1980 New Paintings by Keith Haring and Frank Holliday Club 57, NYC


  • 2004 Biannua IEssay by Michael Braake
  • 2002 With Or Without YouEssay by Royce Smith
  • 2001 Tripping in AmericaEssay by Elizabeth Murray, Debs & Co.
  • Figure/Disfigure Essay by J. Toinick, URI
  • 1999 Wah Wah Series Essay by Anney Bonney, Nick Debs
  • No Show Essay by Dale Peck, Nick Debs
  • 1986 Correspondences Essay by N. Mouforrage



  • 2010 Pollock Krasner Foundation Fellowship
  • 2010 Gottlieb Foundation Fellowship
  • 1986 National Endowment for the Arts


  • Weatherspoon Museum
  • Museum Frederick Russe, Stockholm Sweden
  • Miniature Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • IBM
  • Numerous Private Collections United States, Europe, Japan, Australia, Mexico



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