Frank L. White

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Frank L. White
Cream of Wheat old cereal box.jpg
White's likeness on the Cream of Wheat box
Born 1867
Died February 15, 1938(1938-02-15)

Frank L. White (c. 1867 – February 15, 1938) was a professional chef best known as the model for the fictional breakfast chef (often identified as "Rastus") still featured on the boxes of, and advertising for, Cream of Wheat breakfast cereal. A native of Barbados, he immigrated to the U.S. in 1875, where he became a citizen in 1890. He was working as a master chef at a Chicago restaurant at the time he was photographed for the cereal box in 1900.

White lived in Leslie, Michigan in his last decades, dying aged about 70 in 1938, and is buried at Woodlawn Cemetery in Leslie. In June 2007, the concrete marker on his grave was replaced with a granite gravestone.[1][2]

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