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Frank Lentricchia (born 1940) is an American literary critic, novelist, and film teacher. He received his Ph.D. and M.A. from Duke University in 1966 and 1963 respectively after receiving a B.A. from Utica College in 1962. Lentricchia is currently a literature and film studies professor at Duke University.



  • The Gaiety of Language : An Essay On The Radical Poetics Of W. B. Yeats And Wallace Stevens (1968)
  • Robert Frost: Modern Poetics and the Landscapes of Self (1975)
  • Robert Frost: A Bibliography, 1913 – 1974 (1976) with Melissa Christensen Lentricchia
  • After the New Criticism (1980) ISBN 978-0-226-47198-3
  • Criticism and Social Change (1983) ISBN 978-0-226-47200-3
  • Ariel and the Police: Michel Foucault, William James, Wallace Stevens (1989)
  • New Essays on White Noise (1991) editor, with Emory Elliot, on White Noise by Don DeLillo
  • Introducing Don DeLillo (1991) editor
  • Modernist Quartet (1994)
  • Critical Terms for Literary Study (1995) with Thomas McLaughlin ISBN 978-0-226-47203-4
  • Dissent from the Homeland: Essays After September 11 (2003) editor, with Stanley Hauerwas
  • Close Reading: The Reader (2003) editor, with Andrew Dubois
  • Crimes of Art and Terror (2003) with Jody McAuliffe ISBN 978-0-226-47205-8


  • The Edge of Night. A Confession (1994)


  • Johnny Critelli and The Knifemen: Two Novels (1996)
  • The Music of the Inferno (1999) novel
  • Lucchesi and the Whale (2001)
  • The Book of Ruth (2005)
  • The Sadness of Antonioni (2011) ISBN 9781438439129
  • The Portable Lentricchia (2012) ISBN 978-1-59954-040-5

Eliot Conte Novels[edit]


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