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Frank Mills Andrews (January 28, 1867 – September 3, 1948) was an American architect born in Des Moines, Iowa, who practiced in Chicago, New York City, Cincinnati and Dayton. Andrews died in Brooklyn, New York.

Andrews studied civil engineering at Iowa State College in Ames and architecture at Cornell University, where he was graduated with an A. B. degree in 1888.[1]

The son of Lorenzo Frank Andrews and the former Sophia Maxwell Dolson, he married actress Pauline Frederick in 1909; she bore him one daughter. In 1927, he was remarried to Ellen Brown, by whom he fathered a son and two daughters: Frank II, Doris, and Audrey. Among his commissions were:

He was a member of the Royal Society of Arts and appeared in Who's Who of America, and upon his death, the New York Times published an obituary for him.


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