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For the mystery writer, see Charles Franklin (author).
Frank Usher - Fish live in Italy (2009).

Frank Usher (born 4 August 1949, Gateshead, County Durham, England) is an English guitarist best known for his work in Fish's band. Usher lives and operates a guitar-manufacturing business in Innerleithen, Scotland.[1] Throughout the 1970s and 1980s he has worked with a variety of artists including Mike Heron, John Martyn, Tam White and the locally noted Border Boogie Band.

While playing in a band called Blewitt in 1980, he first met Fish who became their vocalist for a short time. When Fish left Marillion to start a solo career in 1988, he contacted Usher to become his guitarist. Since then he has played on five out of eight Fish albums and the accompanying tours.

Usher suffered a heart attack in December 2007, causing three gigs to be cancelled. [2]


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