Frankenstein (1992 film)

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Directed by David Wickes
Based on Frankenstein 
by Mary Shelley
Starring Patrick Bergin
Randy Quaid
John Mills
Lambert Wilson
Fiona Gillies
Music by John Cameron
Release dates
  • 1992 (1992)
Language English

Frankenstein is a television film first aired in 1992, based on Mary Shelley's novel Frankenstein. It was produced by Turner Pictures and directed by David Wickes.

The movie stars Patrick Bergin as Dr. Frankenstein and Randy Quaid as Dr. Frankenstein's creation. It also features John Mills, Lambert Wilson, and Fiona Gillies. Music was composed by John Cameron.[1]


Starting at the North Pole, a sea captain and his explorer crew encounter Dr. Frankenstein and his creature trying to kill each other. The doctor is saved. As he warns the captain of danger, he tells how he made his creature in the Switzerland of 1818 by way of chemical and biological construction which the creature is a clone (of sorts) of Frankenstein himself, establishing a psychic bond between Creator and his Creation.


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  1. ^ A VHS of Frankenstein was released by Turner Home Entertainment in 1993. ISBN 0-7806-0253-6