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Frankfort High School is located at 328 Shelby Street in Frankfort, Kentucky. It is part of the Frankfort Independent School District which consists of Second Street School, Wilkinson Street School (which has moved into the high school), and Frankfort High School. Frankfort High School was established in 1889 by Professor S.P. Browder, who would serve as the first superintendent. In 1892, Frankfort City Schools became the first school in Kentucky to offer kindergarten. In 1956, Frankfort High School became desegregated. Notable graduates include George C. Wolfe, Steve Nunn, Major general Edgar E. Hume and Lt. Governor Crit Luallen. The Frankfort High mascot is a panther.

The U.S. News & World Report named Frankfort High School the 12th best High School in Kentucky in 2014.


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