Frankfurt–Mannheim high-speed railway

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Frankfurt-Mannheim high-speed railway
Length: 85 km
State: Hesse, Baden-Württemberg
Orientation: North-South
Construction: 2-track,
0,0 Frankfurt Hbf
Branch to Frankfurt Airport Station and to the Cologne–Frankfurt high-speed railway
Branch to Darmstadt Hbf
Branch to Mannheim Hbf
Transition to the Mannheim–Stuttgart high-speed railway

The Frankfurt–Mannheim high-speed railway (the official name is Rhine/Main-Rhine/Neckar high-speed line) is a proposed high-speed railway line from Frankfurt am Main to the Mannheim–Stuttgart high-speed railway near Mannheim. Supporting speeds up to 300 km/h, it will run parallel to the A 5, A 6, and A 67. The new high-speed line will relieve the old double-track Mannheim–Frankfurt railway, which is currently operating at full capacity.

The line will connect the Cologne–Frankfurt and Mannheim–Stuttgart high-speed railways. The cost is estimated to be 2 billion euro. As of February 2016, the route has not yet been decided.

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