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The Frankfurt Airport loop (German: Flughafenschleife Frankfurt) is a 15.8 kilometers long double-track railway line connecting Frankfurt and Frankfurt Airport and operated as part of the Frankfurt S-Bahn. It is electrified at 15 kV. 16.7 Hz.

Frankfurt Airport loop
Native name Flughafenschleife Frankfurt
Locale Hesse, Germany
Line number 3683
Line length 15.8 km (9.8 mi)
Route number 645.8, 645.9
Route map
From City Tunnel
0.0 Frankfurt Central Station
City Tunnel
Homburg Railway and Main-Weser Railway
to Frankfurt West
Taunus Railway to Frankfurt-Höchst
Taunus Railway
Main-Lahn Railway to Frankfurt-Griesheim
4.4 Frankfurt-Niederrad
Main-Neckar Railway to Neu-Isenburg
6.2 Frankfurt-Stadion
Mannheim–Frankfurt railway to Gernsheim
Main Railway to Kelsterbach
Main Railway
10.2 Frankfurt airport tunnel 2,234 m
Cologne–Frankfurt high-speed line
11.4 Frankfurt Airport regional station
12.4 Frankfurt Airport tunnel 2,234 m
12.6 Cologne–Frankfurt high-speed line
Main Railway from Frankfurt-Stadion
15.8 Kelsterbach
Main Railway to Raunheim

Source: German railway atlas[1]


The line is part of the Frankfurt S-Bahn network, connecting Frankfurt Central Station with Frankfurt Airport regional station at Frankfurt Airport and Kelsterbach station at Kelsterbach, where it connects with the Main line, for services to and from Mainz and Wiesbaden. The line runs into the airport area via a tunnel to the station, which is built under the airport terminal.


Services of S-Bahn lines 8 and 9 and the regional trains of the RMV regional line 80 run on the line. S-Bahn line 7 runs on the line from Frankfurt Central Station to Frankfurt Stadion station at the Commerzbank-Arena football stadium. The S-Bahn operates at 15-minute intervals between Wiesbaden and Hanau via Frankfurt Central and either via Mainz (S8) or via Mainz-Kastel (S9). Regional trains operate every hour between Koblenz and Saarbrücken and Frankfurt over the line.


Plans are currently being developed for a new station north of the airport site at Gateway Gardens (a new housing and commercial development being built on the former residential area for the Rhein-Main Air Base), possibly including a new tunnel, on the line traffic between Stadion and Airport stations.[2]

A regional rail project called Regionaltangente West (regional tangent west) is being developed which would connect Neu-Isenburg with Bad Homburg and the NordWestZentrum shopping centre through the western fringes of Frankfurt. This would use part of the Airport loop and would branch of it before the curve to Kelsterbach station and would then continue north across the Main Railway and the Main river to Frankfurt-Höchst.

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