Frankfurt Galluswarte station

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Frankfurt (Main) Galluswarte station
Bahnhof Frankfurt (Main) Galluswarte
Through station
Location Frankfurt, Hesse
Coordinates 50°6′16″N 8°38′39″E / 50.10444°N 8.64417°E / 50.10444; 8.64417Coordinates: 50°6′16″N 8°38′39″E / 50.10444°N 8.64417°E / 50.10444; 8.64417
Platforms 2
Other information
Station code 1863
DS100 code FFGA
Category 4
Opened 1978

Frankfurt (Main) Galluswarte station (German: Bahnhof Frankfurt (Main) Galluswarte) is a railway station located in the Gallus district of Frankfurt, Germany.


The station was opened on 28 May 1978 and is named after a nearby medieval watchtower, which was named after the Galgenfeld ("gallows field", a place of execution). It consists of two tracks facing a 96 cm-high central platform on the Homburg Railway and two passing tracks on the Main-Weser Railway. There was formerly a junction at the station with a branch to the now closed main freight yard. At the southern end of the station, the Main-Weser line divides into ramps towards Frankfurt Central Station, connecting with the Main-Neckar line and the Taunus line.

Station from below
Galluswarte watchtower

The station is elevated above the streets of Mainzer Landstraße and Frankenallee. Escalators and a lift connect the platform and the two streets.


The station is served by S-Bahn lines S3, S4, S5 and S6. Intercity and regional trains run past on the Main Weser tracks, which have no platforms at Galluswarte.

Below the station in the Mainzer Landstrasse, there is interchange with two tram lines (11 and 21) and one bus line (52).

Preceding station   Rhine-Main S-Bahn   Following station
toward Bad Soden
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toward Kronberg
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toward Langen
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toward Südbahnhof
toward Friedberg
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toward Südbahnhof