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Frankfurt Main Cemetery

Coordinates: 50°04′52″N 8°24′38″E / 50.08099°N 08.41055°E / 50.08099; 08.41055
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50°04′52″N 8°24′38″E / 50.08099°N 08.41055°E / 50.08099; 08.41055

Map of the cemetery
Old portal
Private mausoleum of the Gans family of industrialists.
The Gans mausoleum
Mausoleum Reichenbach-Lessonitz
Grave of Alois Alzheimer
Grave of Arthur Schopenhauer
Grave of Johannes von Miquel
Grave of the Metzler banking family
Grave of the Seitz family
Grave of the Grüttner family
Cécile Charlotte Sophie Mendelssohn Bartholdy née Jeanrenaud, wife of Felix Mendelssohn, with other family members

The Frankfurt Main Cemetery (German: Hauptfriedhof) is the largest cemetery in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. It was opened in 1828. The cemetery is located directly adjacent to two Jewish cemeteries—the Old Jewish Cemetery (opened together with the Main Cemetery in 1828) and the New Jewish Cemetery, Frankfurt [de] (opened in 1928)—and together they form one of the largest cemetery areas in Germany. The cemetery is noted for its many monumental graves, its garden architecture and as the site of the graves of many notable individuals.[1]


The Frankfurt Main Cemetery was planned as the replacement of St. Peter's Cemetery, which had been the main cemetery of the city since the 16th century. At the time, today's Main Cemetery was located outside of the city. The plans were met with resistance in the population. In particular, the still influential patrician families did not want to abandon their monumental family tombs at St. Peter's Cemetery. They only relented when larger monumental graves were also permitted on the new cemetery, contrary to the initial plan.

Notable graves[edit]

The references are to the graves' locations (Gewann unless otherwise noted).













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